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If you are interested in playing the mod, check this out! There's also a new gameplay if you want to see what it's about, as well as some info about a future release.

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Gameplay video

Recently I had the opportunity to introduce the mod to 4 newbies: Tokiw, Ingi, Wezzlok & DecreeB (great thanks to all of them for trying it out!). Unfortunately, I forgot that Fraps works better when you actually press the record button, and in the end had to record the clips from a Source demo. In result the clip below lacks the Ov trap placement UI.

Play with the dev

As of now there aren't any servers around, nor can I actually host one. Additionally, not everyone might be able to convince friends to try it out, especially since a local server might be a bit of a hassle. But! If there's someone out there interested in trying it out I'm hoping to host some gaming sessions, preferably on weekends, to let you see what the mod is like. If you'd like to join send me a message on Moddb with a link to your Steam profile & timezone, if we get some people I will organise a group for that.

Future release

Although I didn't really plan on any future releases, I will do a bit of a bugfix & balancing patch to address the biggest issues that popped up during our latest gameplay run. So yeah, I might've broken all the promises regarding release dates, but at least I'm also breaking promises about not supporting the mod. :P

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