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hi everyone! so here it is, after many overhaul, testing, remake and rebuild, I think its time to share it with people. this mod may continue getting updates or maybe discontinue development regarding players feedback.

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You can test the mod now! (unfinished alpha build 0.1)

--- who am I ? (boring part)

I'm Kubilay from Turkey - istanbul, I'm started with mapping around 2002-2003 with worldcraft, mostly learned some things myself because there was no personal internet around me back then, progressed with help manuals came up with worldcraft, it became so much fun when I take a success render of the map and entered the mapping universe, it said to me "its possible" after that I followed up with learning entities, added some monsters and killed them, so much fun those days, so later created my own mini stories and small maps to play around, I gone crazy when errors comes up everytime but I didn't stop no matter what.

valve hammer editor released a few years later, I did some maps for counter strike 1.5 (around 15 map or more), counter strike 1.6 released after that I was curious how to play with bots, (no internet connection again), a bit time later cs bots came up with automatic waypoint system, enjoyed time with mapping, later established web connection on home, installed my own weapon skins from web (badass ones :D ) etc.. etc.. good times back then..

one day I met with michael (aka micke) from random halflife servers, he is from sweden - stockholm, he still hosting halflife servers and keeping alive the spirit of halflife, he is a nice player too so we killed each other in game and became friends later he is hosted some of my maps, motivated me to make a good maps..

after some time, learned how to make halflife multiplayer map with monsters, I said myself why not make a halflife story? because now I know how to make a level change, so it made it possible (thanks to manuals again) a few things happend in life, I did multiplayer maps time to time, I lost most of them with harddrive burn accidents, windows problems, formatting, etc..

I came up modelling halflife with milkshape, then I'm jumped to 3dmax afterwards, bought halflife 2 orangebox from steam learned a few things with source sdk but failed to make a good scenes, again lost some of story maps because harddrive issues, so decided to go back mapping for halflife 1 and this mod became to the table and now here we are..

this project started when I was 18 years old at 2011, tried so hard to complete it until the final release but the life is moving on, now I know its not easy to continue the mod without coding because the game is too old and I born too late to make something, I searched around for it found someone who can make code part, he did a few thing but he said he lost the project work after a while so I gone crazy and suspended the modding for 2-3 years, anyway I keep telling myself this materials cannot go waste thats why I'm releasing and continue making this.. so for short this is my past..


I loved Milkshape enough to still use it today in my HL2 mod. Hey, how do you play it? I ran the Half-Life.exe and it asked for a cd key. I also tried various ways of moving the folder into my HL folder as if it were a mod. Not sure what to do to play it.

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