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This is a huge update for Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker. As Sandbox has been picking up steam, being featured in multiple magazines, a PBS/WMHT teachers conference, and being used all throughout the world, we have also been picking up steam in adding new features! We now have Ragdolls, Bots, A base capture mode, in game AVI movie recording, animated textures, tons of new awesome maps, new particle effects and cool spells in the RPG mode, and so much more, check out the news post!

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NOTE: We now have a facebook page, facebook group, myspace page (myspace is not appropriate for kids, adults and teens only!) and a twitter page! To be kept up to date don't forget to sign up for our newsletter! Also be sure to check out our nice new forum!

The Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker 2.4 Release has arrived! Check out the DOWNLOAD SECTION to download it! To see some of the new features in action check out our youtube page

Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker is an open source game design program for kids and adults. The focus is to make the process of creating games and worlds easy enough for kids but powerful enough to create full game projects. Sandbox is already being used in many schools and colleges throughout the world and included in game design contests. To see Sandbox in action be sure to check out tutorial video showing off the in game editing! Sandbox was recently featured at the PBS/WHMT and 1st Playable conference for Teachers with an overwhelming turnout, some teachers had to sit on the floor!
Tutorial 1 Featuring Sandbox Basics <- Make sure to watch that tutorial if you are new!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using Sandbox in schools please e-mail me! We'd also really like you to post your experiences here if possible. I would really like to keep an accurate list of what schools are using Sandbox. Also it is required in the license now to let us know please. Thanks!

To see the full list of changes and new features check out the 2.4 Changelog forum post
New Features: To see videos of the features in action scroll to the previous news post or
* Multiplayer Bots! Check out the map bottest in multiplayer /coop bottest Go here for more info and commands
* Ragdolls! Models will now ragdoll! You can try it out using /nap
* Many new maps - bottest, cavern2 (winner of the mapping contest!),
trainmap (FEATURING A WORKING TRAIN!), textanim (shows off how to make
animated textures and movies in Sandbox!), Bastion, updates to Village,
Save The Banana for the Multiplayer BananaRelay Base Capture mode
* New RPG Mode! Spells featured are
fireball, lantern/light, and invisibility. Edit mode is accessed with
F1 and the inventory is opened with TAB. This is very much a work in
* Updates to the sidescroller! features
flying fish protectile, magnetic armor that can attract power ups and
winged armor to make you fly! /newent pickup and whatever number in
* BananaRelay multiplayer Base Capture
mode! This was a major kid favorite! When setting up a server try
/bananarelay savethebanana and invite your friends for some banana
capturing action!
* Blendmap aka texture painting is highly
improved! Use P on a texture with a mini texture in the corner and
start painting away! Change the brush shape with B + Mousewheel
* In game movie recording! /movie moviename to start and /movie to stop!
* New Menu Background by Nekia! Daughter of Captain Ahab, creator of trainmap and cavern2!
* My_Stuff folder to save your custom maps!
* New Launcher thanks to ZKAT8IT! His Company Webpage full of neat goodies
* Lots of new models, skyboxes and
textures! Also the Sandbox Cheat Sheet has been updated to provide an
easier editing reference! Check out the help menu in game for more
* Tons of bugfixes and various new features!!!

Trainmap and Bastion Cavern2 - Mapping Contest Winner!

We hope you enjoy 2.4 and feel free to post feedback in the forums! Make sure to mention that you are referring to 2.4 in your subject! Take care and enjoy!
-mike Previous project Doom 3 Coop Mod Last Man Standing


Extremely awesome engine.

I've downloaded yesterday thinking "OH No! Not another let's make the noob a pro with wizards and templates" And I must admit I was impressed with the shaders, the interesting grass system, and the dynamic shadows and the incredible open ended support.

This may not be for oblivion or crysis, but sure you can make extremely nice and goodlooking simple games.

If you ever wanted to a very minimalist game this is worthy a try, and this thing don't need a extremely powerful computer to enjoy it. I run it with 30 fps (and more) in a Pentium III 800 mhz with 512 ram :)

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