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Platformer a game has officially been released to the public as a demo.

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Platformer a game (my game) is finally released in it's incomplete demo form. Platformer a game is a game developed by Yolostudios (I know it's a dumb name) and is obviously a platformer. The game is predicted to be released sometime summer, but I have no idea exactly what time. The game will be starring Rah as the protagonist and Mah as the Antagonist. The game will have 5 levels and last about somewhere near a hour. I plan to release on pc (and maybe ios if i get the exporter). I hope that this won't flunk as a game and will be a successful start as my career as a video game designer. The game will be infact FREE and no DLC or OPTIONAL purchases at all. I hope this game becomes medium successful and at least go on to be a decent free game. Let's see if this will be Yolostudios (my) big start.

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