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Improved AI , Melee Combat , New Weapon! , Whole New Level!

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Improved AI!

  • Now enemies and allies have better aim! While shooting If their target is too far , they are crouching!
  • AI imroved!
  • Now enemies has muzzle light!
  • Now if player get too close to an enemy , enemy performs a melee attack which causes knockback!
  • Shooting mechanism is changed! Now they are shooting a bunch of bullets in 2 seconds then waiting
  • Now your allies color is Tan!


  • Now the sparks (that triggered by bullet) has % chance!
  • Now you can melee attack using gun's back with pressing "V"!
  • Bullet flyby sound changed!
  • New gun M4A1! This gun can shoot more rapid than pistol.Also it has better aim than pistol.
  • Ammo system is changed! Now you can reload even you have ammo inside your magazine. Ammo system is completely changed but you probably cant see the difference.
  • Now you can carry 2 weapons! You can swich pistol by pressing 1 and swich m4a1 by pressing 2.But of course you have to find that m4a1 to use it
  • Pistol's damage is reduced 40 to 20


  • There is a whole new level! In this level you are under the bed in darkness. You have to escape from lego maze.
  • Knockback system! Enemies can push you back if you get too close.While knockback you cant use your weapon in 1 second. Knockback also can be triggered by explosions
  • New Font!
  • Now there is a new mission panel animation that shows your mission task is changed
  • Now you can choose level in main menu
  • Options are added to the game.You can open/close your motion blur and change graphic qualit

Known Bugs:

  • In Darkest place level your weapon has some kinda blur effect
  • M4A1 has animation bugs that you can run and reload same time
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