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List of changes compared to the previous release, plans for the future and for the next release.

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Good evening all,

I am going to go through the topics of to-do and what has been changed compared to the previous release.


The Humans were vastly overpowered and I had to bring out the nerf bat on them. The following concepts were established:

- Marines are at the moment need to be used as massed infantry to produce results with them. That is in line with the faction's current economy. They are totally useless agains vechicles and buildings. Capture is something being worked on at the moment to give them real value.

- Flamers are deadly against light infantry but has a limited use against heavies as well as melting away Dark Matter Armor. Heroes are also somewhat vulnerable to them.

- Rocket Launcher Squad has got a great range , however, the missiles sometimes are being jammed. Bread and butter soldiers for taking out buildings, vechicles and flyers.

- Col. Moore is your infantry tank who can be used to clear out infantry and do some damage to flyers, heroes and light vechicles. Useless against walkers and heavy vechicles. Vulnerable to spike damage.

- Jeep is for fast harrasment of enemy infantry and flyers. Runs over light infantry.

- Guardian APC is good against nearly everything with great precision, especially against infantry and flyers. Transport ability for them is being worked on.

- Tanks fulfil the role of what a tank should. Deadly against light vechicles and inf, good against heavy vechichles. Masari Peacebringers are tricky.

- Sgt Woolard is a beast with good damage output against everything but flyers. Runs over heavy inf as well.

- Dragoon MLRS is your siege option against buildings and walkers. Fast moving units make them useless.

-Dragonfly UAV will be an assassin drone to take out troublesome heroes and infantry. Useless against anythin else. (values needs adjusted to reflect this)

- Apache is your ground support aerial option. Rips infantry and light vechicles apart and the missile salvos are good against everything.

-Maverick jet is your air superiority hit and run option. They will be needed to try to clear the skies for you.



- Superweapon counter UI for Humans (Next release)

-Human Superweapon (ICBM) (Model will be stolen from Hierarchy Mission 2, later release)

-Research Tree for Humans( not in next release, as it is a bigger job)

-Capture for Marines (Next release)

-Basic AI for Humans (Once it is ready, I will need testers to advise on strategy)

-Limiting the Supply Drop building amount to 5 (Next release, easy fix)

-Global Conquest presence for all the neutral lands due to disadvantage.

-Pop cap to be increased to 200 outside of Story missions (I have done it for the campaign but not for skirmish)

- Unit icons for buying Guardian APC and Maverick Jet (Got the icons done already, just need some time to figure out how to make it work)

- Guardian APC to enable transport for soldiers like a Sentry would.

-Adding a 3rd Hero, using the Comms officer model and a Maverick Jet(This needs more thought, any ideas welcome for special ability). The unit responses will be in courtesy of Xcom Interceptor.


So, this is the plan. I would welcome any help from people who would know how to add extra buttons on the UI. Lua is not a problem, I can do that myself. Advice on adding stuff to the Mega Texture files and how to do it properly would be most welcome.

Have fun with the mod, see you on next release.


Thank you for your work man.

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These are things that I've noticed:

1. I'm assuming it's a texture or something but when the Dragoon blows up when destroyed parts of it will have the color that I selected in the setup menu.

2. Also about the color, I'm guessing that grey is the default color from the campaign for the humans. When I use grey in skirmish the motor pool and aircraft pad have the grey color, but the barracks doesn't instead the places where there's color on the structure it's just the basic colors that the human buildings have in general.

3. When the barracks is destroyed it will double in size.

4. The UAV drones seem to be a little too overpowered when they attack non-infantry units or structures. (like with a few drones I could quickly take down a walker, the drones are weak as they should be but the AI usually only equips walkers with one arc turret)

5. I'm sure this is known and being worked on but I see that upon it's destruction, the command bunker turns into a destroyed motor pool.

Otherwise as I said before, I love this mod. Hope my feedback helps :)

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Melquart Author

Thank you for providing feedback:

1. I will look into a death clone for the dragoon to see what is the problem with it.

2. I cannot promise anything in relation of texturing the models. I can do coding but I have no tools or knowledge to alter the skin of the existing models.

3. I will look into scaling the debris down.

4. looks like the drones slipped through the nerf bat. I will make sure, they will be inert against everything but infantry and heroes.

5. That is because the motorpool death animation has been given to the bunker. The content has been unfinished by Petro and a more or less suitable death animation had to be chosen.

Keep the feedback coming!

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New feedback: This next issue that I've noticed is likely due to the fact that the military was originally cut from the main game and any buildings that were featured in the campaign were pre-built into the maps.

It would make sense to me as when I've been building the military structures the terrain has a hard time adjusting shape to fit the structures and so the terrain will clip into the structures sometimes.

Good day!

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Hello, it's good to see that someone has decided to finish what others have bailed midway. Personally, i like playing with the humans even if they were depicted as being powerless against their alien oppressors. I also imagined a mod where the human military would incorporate Novus' technology and eventually produce futuristic-like troops (though that had need someone to make the models/textures).

By the way, when i downloaded the canceled Human Resistence Mod and didn't find any good replacement, i began tinkering with said mod's files and made some balancing (not very sure whether it's really balanced) and made some things work where they originally didn't. But i'm not a modder/coder, and that was about a year ago, so i kinda forgot much of what i did.

Anyway, sorry for stealing your precious time with this wall of text.

Good luck, and may you be able to achieve all your goals :)

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Melquart Author

Feedback and discussion about gameplay and concept is never a waste of my time. Although, I am the only one atm to work on this, it does not mean to make it in"my way or the high way" fashion. Any help, especially with the GUI would be very welcome. The original human command panel is not suitable for the addition of an extra hero or Global Conquest, it needs re-design but I am mo Graphics guy, only a coder.

With regards to Novus tech, I think Human tech is still useful, especially the laser turrets. With the research(future update), Humans will have access to laser upgrades as well as EWAR capabilities. I will need to figure out how to use the spawn ability as I plan to have one of the research as a regimental reinforcement broadcast, which would bring a variety of units to the battle map.

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