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Build and Beat pre-Alpha Demo is live. Many plans for the future.

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With the release of the Demo I am hoping to get some feedback from players. Please comment on your thoughts, likes, dislikes etc. Up until this point I have been the only one playing Build and Beat. With some feedback I can decide on where to go from here. Changes may need to be done, like adding or removing features.

Definite future plans involve finishing World 1 which is mostly complete as is. Also, I plan on making changes to the Demo and improving it. I imagine going through several builds. Once World 1 is done I plan to move Build and Beat over to Desura and see where things go from there.

Remember Build and Beat will be much more than the Demo, I just need the support. The plan is for each World to have a seperate theme. The first World is like a valley theme, with grass, trees etc. I have 30 tree obstacles made to put into the rest of the levels for World 1. World 2 is planned to be a water world, with bridges, underwater swimming, sharks, and jumping fish. Should be fun.

Please check back for updates.

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