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This is the list of Colonial Units I plan to have in the mod. Note: only models for the classic Galactica, Vipers, Basestar, and Raiders have a version that works in the game. All the other ones listed will have to have models created for them.

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Here's a list of Colonial units that I plan to have in the mod by its final release version:


Scorpion Mk I (6th millennium fighter, official design), Era 1-2

Viper Mk I (official design), Era 3-4

Scarab Bomber (fan design), Era 3-4

Deep Space Probe (two seat Viper, official design), Era 3-5

Viper Advanced (Desanto continuation), Era 5

Scarlet Viper (Richard Hatch continuation), Era 5

Cobra Mk III (fan design), Era 5


Fury Class Escort (fan design), Era 1-2

Defender Class Escort (fan design), Era 2-3

Scout Cruiser (fan design), Era 4-5


Vindictive Class Frigate (fan design), Era 2

Typhoon Class Destroyer (fan design), Era 2

Tiger Class Destroyer (official design), Era 3-5

Sabre Class Frigate (fan design), Era 3-4

Battle Cruisers/Battlestars

Shiva Class Battle Cruiser (fan design), Era 3-5

Nova Class Battlestar (official design), Era 3-5

Osiris Class Battle Cruiser (fan design) Era 5

Support Units

Celstria Class Electronics Ship (official design), Era 3-5

and a few others I forget which ones they are.

and of course the Rag Tag Fleet!

Next article will be on the list of Cylon Space Units, this unfortunately is going to be a bit harder to compile based on the lack of suitable designs that are out there.


I think there was also an Azure Viper in the Hatch continuation. It's unknown what it looked like exactly. Maybe it can be a Thicc Viper like the Mk III from Blood and Chrome but conforming to the aesthetics of the Original Series continuity.

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