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If this mod ever makes it: I have plans for the future. This news post will explain them!

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Well, if the Evolution Mod ever does make it I have plans for the future, I am Elite222 or BTA and I will be here to explain them to you.

Evolution Multiplayer: If this mod makes it I have plans to make this a Multiplayer game as well so people can go againts each other as Amun, Khepri or UNE! Each Race for Multiplayer WILL have Balances to make things even unlike the campagin lol.

Evolution II: Rise of Eva
Evolution II: The Sequal to Evolution 1: The Great War, will bring new ships and technology into play
The UNE get Anti Capital Gauss Cannons, Anti Fighter Rail Guns, Gamma Ray Weapons, and Laser Cannons
The Khepri get Radio Beams Radio Flail Guns and new Radio Lasers
The Amun get something special: Ion Beams, Ion Cannons, AAAF Ions, Super Ion Beams and a suprise. There will also be new ships but they will not be posted :P

Evolution Fleet Command by Bloodfleet: A Homeworld Modification based on the Evolution Mod will be made by Bloodfleet, however he has yet to start on it. Please dont pressure him in doing so honestly, I know he will get it done correctly.

Now Wish me luck and I promise not to let this mod die.

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