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These are all of the features that are in or going to be added.

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Main Factions;North, South, East, West Air Nomad,Both Water Tribes,Fire Nation,Earth Nation
Possible Sub Factions/Tribes; Kyoshi,Sand Benders,Sun Warriors,Order of the White Lotus,
Capitals; Fire Nation Capital(Learn Name),Ba Sing Sa,Northern Air Temple,Southern Air Temple,Western Air Temple,Eastern Air Temple,Kyoshi,
Map; Water Travel,Locations,Ba Sing Sa(huge),
Bending; Add Animations,Add Meshes,Earth Bending,Fire Bending,Air Bending,Water Bending,
Additional Items; Something To Replace Horses,Swords,Staffs,Different Weapons,Armor, Scenes; Ba Sing Sa(must be epic),
Starting Options; Be The Avatar,Start At Specific Locations,Are You A Bender,
Menus; Replace Certain Attributes,
Re-Texture; Make cartoonish graphics,

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