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Planned changes and addons to the version 3.0. There are new minor factions coming and a brand new GC

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*Better Mandalore prizes (improve the minor faction)
*Ohnaka Gang on Florrum with possible prizes (minor faction)
*CIS Remnant on Olanet and Muunilist with possible prizes (minor faction)
*Nightsisters on Dathomir(improved) with possible prizes (minor faction)
*Balance Hutt cartel and the Black Sun
*Completely new GC featuring only the added factions (War in the Shadows)
*New modular style gameplay on galactic conquests
*Rebels and the Empire can't hire any prizes from minor faction planet (Florrum, Mandalore. etc.)

*Implemented Mandalorian Greandiers and added them to Crime Lords GC
*Implemented Mandalorian Commanders and added them to Crime Lords GC

*Implemented Mandalorian gun fire sound and added it to all Mando infantry
*Changed the look of Dathomir to Clone Wars style (red) (Map, space and galactic)

*Added Falleen Assassins instead of Twi'lek Infiltrators to the Black Sun
*Fixed destruction surviviors in Hutt buildings
*Added Hutt Bounty hunter as a new Hutt faction unit
*Removed Bantha II skiff and Swamp Speeder from the Black Sun
*Removed Pod walker from the Hutts

*Add Hutt flyer (hh87starhopper)
*Add Tessek
*Add Borvo

*Add Gammorrean guards

*Add Black Sun foot soldier
*Better Perit and Chenlambec icon
*Balanced Build Pads.

Olanet/Muunilist will give you:
*Providence Cruiser (Vultures and Hyenas in the hangar)
*Munificent frigate (Tri-droids in the hangar)
*Lucrehulk as a defending starbase (will all three in the hangar)
*Battledroids as cheap infantry
*Superbattledroids as heavy infantry
*Perhaps AAT or Snail tank....But what I really hope to get is STAP squads

Mandalore will give you:
*Mandalorian mercenary squad
*Mandalorian ground commander (best minor hero ground commander)
*Keldabe battleship

Green - done
Red - planned

Note: This list could be subject to change and expansion.

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