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Planetwar Total War is now available for download directly from Mod DB.

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Planetwar Total War can now be downloaded from here.

In the year 2500 the human race was
conquered by a more advanced alien race. Every human being was either
killed or rounded up onto a massive space ship to be used as slaves.
Along the way to the aliens' homeworld, one man by the name of Mike
Slate succeded in hijacking the slave ship using a box cutter he managed
to sneak aboard.

The slave ship was forced to land on an earthlike planet and all
humans were released. As they exited the ship, they soon realized that
they were not alone. Several other humanoid alien races were also
enslaved aboard the ship. Apparently, the aliens went from solar system
to solar system conquering and enslaving. Over the course of 500 years,
each alien race migrated to a different part of the planet, seeking
conditions similar to their own homeworld. Some developed metal
technology rather quickly while others couldn't figure it out. The year
is now 3000 and the human race is in a struggle for the right to exist.

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