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Here's a WIP List of the potential Planets Lists in the Game (*Means its a new planet that's not in game Already) (+ Means it needs its already there but could do with a new land map) I will Add the planet Bonuses later and All Planets are going to be placed in there canon Positions

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Abregado-rae - Minor heroes are automatically detected and eliminated due to the underground information network.
Aeten II (No Land Map) - Additional income provided by Stygium crystal depots throughout the system
Alderaan (No Land Map) – Space Forces Undetectable due to the fact that the remains of Alderaan block sensors
Alzoc III - Additional income provided by Talz mining
Anaxes – Fleet Officers are trained quicker and are cheaper due to the Presence of the Anaxes Academy
Ossus* - Jedi Price Reduction and Quicker Training time on this planet due to availability of Jedi Knowledge
Degobah - Ground bases are undetectable due to the planet's natural environment and terrain.
Atzerri -Planetary income fluctuates due to the presence of
a black market.
Toss Becon* -
Chandrila* -
Bespin -Additional income provided by Tibanna gas mining.
Ukio* - All Infantry receive a 20% health bonus due to the food stocks on the Planet.
Bestine IV - Production time decreased for frigate sized ships due to Bestine IV's oceanic shipyards. Is able to Build Capital Ships
Bakura* - All repulsorlift vehicle receive a Discount due to the presence of Bakur RepulsorCorp
Sluis Van*-
Florrum* - All Weequay Units are trained faster and Cheaper
Bonadan - Additional income provided by Bonadan's diverse economy.
Prosecutor*(Abandoned Acclamator I-class assault ship) (Infantry Only Land Map) – All Criminal Confederacy Capital Ships have ncreased firepower due to Old Republic Secrets stored on Bored.
Smugglers Run* (Space Map Only) – Space Forces are undetectable due to being such a violent asteroid field
Polis Massa* (infantry only land map) – Able to Train Republic Clone Troopers.
Balmorra* - cost of AT-ST’s reduced due to the presence of Balmorran Arms
Brentaal IV* -
Bothawui - information for nearby systems is available due to the Bothan Spy network
Byss – Better AT-AT reactors. Can produce Clone Stormtroopers and is the only Planet can the Eclipse can be built
Saleucami - Weapons boast for Mc30 frigate, Interceptor IV frigate and Strike Class medium cruiser
Concord Dawn * - Death Watch and Mandalorian Protectors infantry get a damage bonus while in control of this planet
Carida – None Clone - Infantry cost less to Train. Can train Imperial Spec forces
Corellia – Discount on all Corelliain Ships, Also Allows production of CC-7700 Interdictor frigate and DP20 gunships on the planet
The Wheel (Space only map)* -
Corulag – Discount on all Tie Units due to the presence of Sienar Fleet Systems
Mindor* -
Coruscant – High Income due to High level of Trade. Can build Jedi and Sith Structures, Imperial Palace, Spec forces Training Centres and Cloning centres
Dantooine - Ground base undetectabe due to Dantooine's distant location
Endor -
Eriadu - While this planet is controlled, T4-B tanks cost 20% less to build on all planets.
Fondor - Price Reduction for Assault Frigate Mk. I, Assault Frigate Mk. II
Fresia – X-wing, A-wing, ARC-170 and NTB-630 naval bombers are given a price reduction due to the Presence of the Incom Corporation
Geonosis – All Droid Units Price and time Reduction due to the Geonosian Droid Factories
Hoth – Base Undetectable due to constant blizzards
Ilum -
Utapau -
Jabiim -
Trandosha* - Price and time reduction of bounty hunters due to the presence of the Bounty Hunter Guild, Can Build Trandoshan Gunners on the Planet
Kashyyyk + -
Kessel – Increased Income due to the Spice mining
Korriban – Price and time reduction of Sith Trained on the planet due to presence of Sith Ruins
Kuat – Price Reduction for ISD1 and ISD2, able to Build Capital Ships. The New Republic and The Criminal Confederacy can Build 5 ISD2’s at Tech 5. Can Build Super Star Destroyers
Manaan – Auto heal for Infantry due to stocks of Kolto
Mon Calamari + - Able to Build Mon Calamari Capital Ships only
Naboo + - the
Nar Shaddaa * - Increased Income due to Planet-wide City
Nal Hutta+ - (the map itself is fine, just needs a few adjustments) -
Polus- Increased Income due Carbonite mining
Ryloth - Reduced cost of Twi'lek Assassins
Sullust -
Taris -
Tatooine -
Thyferra – 20% Health Bonus for Infantry due to the Large stocks of Bacta
Vergesso Asteroids - While this planet is controlled, X-wing, Y-wing, A-wing and Z-95 squadrons gain a 25% damage bonus.
Wayland (Infantry only map) – Faster Clone Stormtrooper Production time due to the cloning Faculties
Yavin 4 -
Dathomir – Price reduction and faster Training time for Nightsisters. Unable to Detect ground bases
Felucia – weather Training
Honoghr – Faster Reinforcement point Capture time. The Empire can recruit
Hypori – Faster Vehicles Production Time
Rothana* - Able to Build: UT-TE, AT-TE and TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank’s in Rothana Factorys only. Also gives a discount for all Acclamator II-class assault ship
Mandalore- All mandalorein Spacecraft and Vehicles have a discount (including Death Watch vehicles)
The Maw – Reduces the Price for Imperial Tech Upgrade
Mustafar -
Muunilinst – Increased Income due to the presence of the Banking Clan
Duro* - Cost of Space Stations Reduced
Mygeeto* - increased Income due to mineral mining
Rattatak*- Cost of Mercenaries Reduced
Roche Asteroids* (space map only) – B-wing cost reduced
Rishi outpost* (Infantry Only Land Map) - Tactical information for nearby systems is available due to Listening post.
Onderon* -
Minntooine* (Space Map only) - Price Reduction for Mc30 frigates
Cato Neimoidia* -
Bilbringi* (Space Map Only) –Capital Ship production time reduced
Yaga minor* - Capital ship Production
Malerstare* -
Rendili* - Reduces the Price of VSD’s, VSD2’s. Also the only planet where you can build Dreadnoughts. Cannot build any other Capital ships.
Csilla*- The Empire can


Nice list :).

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