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You have to plan your trip carefully if you want to get to your destination at all. These are the places the team will see on their way to the big prize...

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Wasteland is a type of location the crew will encounter most often. Anything can happen here. Sometimes you get lucky and get something valuable. Sometimes you're thankful you got away in one piece.

Ruins stand alone as reminders of an ancient civilization. Raiding them is the team's primary method of getting money and equipment. Just be aware that your blood may be the price.

Den is not for the weak. Enter if you are ready to face the toughest challenges and fight the strongest enemies. Powerful bosses reside here, defeat them and get unique equipment and traits.

Wretched Land is a deserted place where nothing of value can be found. Only hardship and danger await you here. Avoid it if possible.

Settlement can range from a pile of makeshift huts to a heavily armed Vapor Wave Inc. fortress. Spend your hard-earned zincreds on rations, equipment, and tools, or get some cash by selling the loot.

Shelter is a rare safe resting place — a great opportunity to rest without worrying about food or enemies.

Oasis — hunting ground where you can find food and supplies. Replenish your rations here.

Training Camp attracts a special kind of people: survival experts and dangerous outlaws. Improve your skills or get combat levels here. If you have enough money, of course.

Terra Incognita, an area waiting to be explored. It can be any of the places mentioned above, and the only way to find out is to visit the place.

Calculate the risks, keep track of your resources and plan the journey accordingly. And remember to stay alert in the desert!



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