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The Shock Trooper Codex teaches new ideologies to the Mandalorians.

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The Shock Trooper Codex incorporates several traditional and some radical and new ideologies to form a hybrid law that if followed, will likely result in a superior Mandalorian lifestyle.

The Resol'nare, or Six Actions, are the core tenets that every Mandalorian is expected to follow without question.

Ba'jur (education; raising children)
Every Mando'ad is expected to raise their children as Mandalorians, teaching them the art of war, of honor and tradition, and the Resol'nare.

Beskar'gam (armor)
Armor is the most outward display of being Mando'ad and says a great deal about its owner. While most outsiders see identical sets of armor varying only in color or minute details, every set of armor is actually quite unique and tailored to suit the comforts, fighting styles, and abilities of its owner.

In addition to wearing the armor, Mandalorians are expected to take care of it and keep it in peak condition, ready for combat at a moment's notice.

Ara'nov (defense)
Other than armor, Ara'nov is the tenet that sentients most associate with the Mandalorians. All Mandalorians must be able to hold their own in combat, regardless of gender, age, or profession. This concept also extends to defending one's clan in times of need. Many outsiders assume that this tenet infers that all Mandalorians are soldiers by profession, but that is not the case. Mandalorians merely recognize the importance of being able to defend oneself, their clan, and what they believe in.

While anyone can obey the other tenets, Ara'nov is what seperates the Mandalorians from most outsiders.

Aliit (family; clan)
Unknown to many outsiders is the emphasis the Mandalorians place on family. Family is such a crucial part of Mandalorian society that its organization is centered around it, which is made most obvious by their clan structure. However, clans in Mandalorian society are far different than those found in most other galactic cultures.

Mandalorian clans can best be understood with the old proverb, "Aliit ori'shya tal'din," which translates into Basic as, "Family is more than blood."

While it is very important to raise the children one births as Mandalorians, adoption is just as important and often more widespread. Adoptees are given the same status and treated the same as those related by blood. Through this practice, the Mandalorians have managed to remain strong and tight-knit throughout the centuries.

Mando'a (Mandalorian language)
Although some may disagree, Mando'a is an extremely important part of Mandalorian society and culture. It sets Mandalorians apart from outsiders and it strengthens their bonds with those who have come before. It serves as a form of universal communication and a way to tie together what is otherwise an extremely diverse group of sentients from all species and walks of life.

It also allows them to express themselves through proverbs, poetry, and song. Not only that, but it allows them to express that which is indescribable in any other language. It also serves as a very clear and concise form of communication well adapted to battlefield environments where time is of the essence and long explanations are a frivolous convenience that none can afford. Because of Mando'a, only a fellow Mandalorian will understand when another uses words like shereshoy and aay'han, even when no one else in the galaxy can. It is Mando through and through.

Mand'alor (Mandalore; leader of the Clans)
It is no coincidence that Mandalorians call themselves "Mando'ade." In Basic, this word translates to, "sons and daughters of Mandalore." Mand'alor is the sole ruler and leader of the Clans. He is the most capable, skilled, and experienced warrior among them. He leads the Mandalorians against those who would do them harm and those who he would have harmed. He is the embodiment of what it means to be a Mandalorian and he is the guardian of Mandalorian values, traditions, and life. When the Mand'alor calls upon the Clans, it is their sworn duty to answer the call and rally to him. This is Mandalorian law.

To a Mandalorian, your honor is your life. To gain it and add it as your priced possession you must enter battle and emerge victorious, you are victorious if you conduct noble deeds of heroism. Honor is gained by these noble and heroic acts and only atrocious dealings will make you lose your standing and accumulated glory. Among the actions a Mandalorian should do is protect the weak, the civilians, those who do not belong on the field of battle should not be left to fend for themselves, they should be made better and able to survive, help in whatever way you can. Don't cause the weaklings, the civilians, harm however.

It is abhorrent to kill a person who is not a threat to you or your brethren. Doing this kind of thing without some extremely valid extenuating circumstances is viewed as cowardly. Cowards are viewed as the lowest of the low in Mandalorian culture. Cowardly acts disgrace those who do them and the clans that they are part of equally.

All armed military personnel however, will find a swift death at your hands. If they find themselves unarmed, use appropriate force to ensure the enemy does not arm the fool again to fight against you but don't traumatize the weak soldiers. They make good prisoners of war.

Among the atrocities that can be committed at a cost of personal honor is wanton slaughter and genocide against unarmed adversaries that have no place in battle, it is your duty to teach them we are fierce warriors that live by a warrior code of honor and not the savages they see us for. Worse still is the betrayal of your brothers whom do their part to fight for you, harming them in any way will result in the loss of honor and being branded a traitor among the Mandalorian people. Remember to support your clan, we are nomads and as such we live of hand to mouth, if you do not help your people, then lust for power and wealth will take you to your downfall.

"Win or lose, as long as the fight is worthy, then honor is gained. The glory at having triumphed over impossible odds is what drives us. If there's nothing at stake – your possessions, your life, your world – then the battle's meaningless. We Mandalore take everything we are and throw it into battle. It's the true test of yourself – the battle against death... against oblivion."
―Canderous Ordo

When a Mand'alor calls to war, you fight not for yourself, but for your brothers, you have purpose for combat. Always give all you have in combat, your brothers are relying on you to show the galaxy why we are the most feared warriors who inhabit it. Don't care for personal wealth or power, you are rich if you have gained prestige through battle.

And when you work as a mercenary during peace time, you are still expected to give it you're all even if the men you serve with are not your brothers.

The harder the opponent, the more honor is to be gained in defeating that opponent. The more difficult and dangerous targets you take down, the higher that level of respect and honor becomes. But it needs to be noted that the Mandalorian who is careless or takes too many outrageous chances without having to is not looked at as honorable, but merely suicidal or stupid instead. So yet again we see a balancing act going on in honor.

Unless your foe has done something exceedingly dishonorable, you are expected to face them with a certain measure of respect. This doesn't mean a Mandalorian is going to hold back or not resort to every trick he knows to take a foe down -- that would be like saying that foe wasn't worth fighting. What it means is that unless there's a really good reason, a Mandalorian isn't going to do something disgusting like descecrate a corpse, rape their fallen enemy's women and children, or anything along those lines. In point of fact, a fallen enemy's children may just end up becoming part of the Mandalorian's family if they show enough guts and spirit.

And should a Mandalorian end up losing a fight or battle, it's not considered honorable to make excuses, badmouth the winner or carry unearned grudges over the loss. To the contrary. It is honorable to seek to learn from the winners and occasionally, if the winners are honorable and a great deal more skilled and powerful, to take service under them for a time.

The clans are what hold the Mandalorians together, obey the chieftains wishes and contribute to the welfare of the clan. Whether you are a mercenary, a soldier of fortune or find yourself working on a farm as a simpler nerf herder, you will support your other brothers as they would you. To gain a position of leadership in your clan, simply be the eldest or defeat the eldest in honorable combat.

Honor is gained through being intelligent, skillful, productive and dependable both on and off the field of battle, both in combat and out of it. An often quoted saying about Mandalorians that illustrates this is "there is no word for hero". Honor is not reserved to enhance a single person's status, but enhances and gives glory to an individual's family and clan, and to the Mandalorians as a people. Where we, as members of modern society feel a sense of personal strength and wellbeing for and of only ourselves, in Mandalorian society, this is a shared thing, tied strongly into the concept of Manda and reserved for aliitse rather than individuals. There is more at stake in how a person behaves than mere personal pride and entitlement, because every person's actions add to or detract from the honor and standing of their clan.

Strength is life, for the strong will survive.
Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
Death is life, one should die as they have lived.

The proverb above is short and simple, Mandalorians are warriors from birth and train their entire lives to be the ultimate fighters. During peace times, they may work as anything but in the end are warriors at heart and that helps them to survive anything.

Death before dishonor, never not recoil before an enemy. A single coward could discourage an entire army. Even if death is near, die fighting lest you show weakness.

Respect your Mandalorian brothers as they respect you, for respect is the foundation stone of brotherhood. Extend this to non Mandalorians to an extent and even to those we defeat in battle to show them they are not mere cattle fit for slaughter in our eyes, they can always become Mandalorians themselves later or be a worthy adversary in time. They always have other uses.

Haat, ijaa, haa'it.
Truth, honor, vision.

These words seal a pact. A Mandalorian's word is a declaration of his intent and can generally be relied on. This is reflected in the seemingly informal nature of their social contracts with one another. Rather than drawing up wordy, documented contracts with each other, they opt for simple, brief exchanges. Your words bind you in honor. Mandalorians don't make threats and never go back on a promise, what you say dictates your actions.

There are two central focuses in our culture, they revolve around: war and family. people are mistaken with the idea that the Mandalorians would find simple things like farming or herding to be beneath them, this is because military analysts find that Mandalorian armies rely on loot to march on. Nothing could be farther from the truth though, how are we feeding ourselves in peace time? Many Mandalorians, while not at war, are successful farmers, talented craftsmen, skilled doctors and so on.


There are many clans, some more prominent and well know whilst others are obscure and almost forgotten. All however are undeniable part of the Mandalorians.

Whenever a Mandalorian army marches to war, the large clan Awaud fuels the conquest with foodstuff and other consumables. Their training suffers from this however.

The original Mandalorian Crusaders who brought the famous Basiliskans to their knees set up on the homeworld of Basilisk, they are fearsome tamers of beasts and share a special connection to Basilisk Droids.

Renowned masons all, they had laid the original foundations of many Mandalorian cities like Kedalbe and Sundari and after battles they would rebuilt the cities, they are also responsible for constructing the massive defence grid around Mandalore that staved off the entire Sith armada.

Clan Bralor pays tribute to the Battlecircle Champion Bralor, most members are on Concard Down and excel at sports, like the Battlecricle, they are known to field some of the best warriors among the Mandalorians.

This clan specializes in creating something out of nothing, salvaging areas and putting it to good use. Many of them are excellent engineers.

Warriors from clan Carid often make for good commanders, they posses what some call "The Strike of the Eye" as they can just glance at a battlefield and immediately know how the battle should be fought.

Spies and assassins fill the ranks of Clan Detta, few can hide information from them or survive and encounter.

Members of the Farr clan do well against Sith enemies, their history of fighting or aiding the Sith stretches back to the Mandalorian Wars.

Several members of clan Fett used to be Mand'alore and great bounty hunters in the galaxy, rising to challenges and emerging victorious. The clan is known to survive any kind of hardship it faces and beat it.

Clan Itera favours Jedi over Sith, they proved this when they rose up against a Sith-aligned Mand'alor in the past.

Jendri clan finds itself on the snow and frost covered worlds in the Mandalore system, they are able to survive the cold environments easily.

The galaxy believes the Mandalorians savages, Clan Jeban is the prime example of this as they prefer to use archaic weapons such as spears and bows. Not to say they are not effective in their hands.

This clan originates from Bestine and is well known for its immense contribution to creating the warships in the Mandalorian Navy. Members of the clan created WoutenWarship Corporation and later BeskadTech which they rule to this day.

Like the Krayt dragon is known for its fierce fighting skills and hard scales, so are members of clan Krayt known for putting up a good show in fights and creating sublime beskar'game. Many of its members are also great miners of Beskar.

Kelborn clan members generally are good at mining, masonry and recounting Mandalorian history. With precious metals they take from the earth they create large murals that depict the various epics of Mandalorian history.

Known better as the pacifist "New Mandalorians", they have redeemed themselves by being good ambassadors and fulfilling logistical and administrative roles.

Providing in resources and grunts for wars, they stand out mostly because a previous Mand'alor emerged from Clan Lok.

In ages past, Clan Lone provided Mandalorian armies with flexible and fast messengers when communications were unavailable. Many have since become smugglers.

Masters of hunting and being hunted, the members of Rodarch Clan train beasts to aid them in hunts. They also make for fine trackers and scouts.

Despite its origins in piracy, Rook Clan is Mandalorian know. Due to their past experience they can easily manipulate their way into criminal organizations and thrive.

Clan Ordo fields the big warriors that carry the even bigger weapons, they are generally packed beneath the heaviest of armors. Some say the members of clan Ordo are strong enough to fight a Wookiee bare handed.

Most renowned for the great and terrible leaders that hail from clan Ori'verda, the Mand'alore who reshaped the Mandalorians many times over the course of centuries. The best among them often holds the title Ori'verda.

Most Mandalorian Supercommandos originate from the battlehardened Clan Skirata, their time tested training methods and rugged skills hail from the Clone Wars.

Devaronian Mandalorians make the bulk of Clan Sornell, they are often more alien friendly then the other predominately human clans.

Operating the biggest weapons, members from Spar Clan have an attuned sense to large weapons that are meant to crack open anything that protects weaker insides.

Traditional and secretive in nature, the Shogun clan has always been present when a Mand'alor set foot on the planet Shogun and received a vision. Clan members often train in the ways of deception and wield strange weapons and armor.

Whenever a Mandalorian sets foot on Tatooine, they remember the tales of clan Tracyn that felled many Krayt dragons on the desert world.

The executioners and torturers whom wanted to field the best warriors now do their work to captured enemies that need interrogation.

Expert thieves and guerilla fighters are taken from among the ranks of Clan Vizsla, whom is known best for establishing Death Watch.

The clan Vencu specializes in blacksmithing, the best beskar'game are forged in the war forges of clan Vencu and razor sharp Beskade created with such a finely sharpened edge it can split a hair.

Among the best marksmen of the Mandalorians originate from clan Vevut, the long ranged professionals are natural born snipers and can fell targets from miles away. This also makes them excellent assassins, they are rarely uncovered.

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