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A quick introduction to myself as a devloper and what's to come for the game.

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Hey lot!

My name is yellowsubmarine and for the past week or so, I've been in the process of developing a variation of the game Pokemon FireRed. Unlike most Pokemon remakes, I've decided that it would be interesting to experience the Pokemon universe in an entirely different view, in which you kill, rather than catch. As I'm currently in high school, there may be inconsistencies with posts and all that as I may not always have the time to work on the game, but I'll try my hardest!

I've got a couple of features I want to explore in this game and your ideas would also contribute greatly, so be sure to comment!

Current Ideas:

  • Battling System
    • Throw Various Pokeballs at Pokemon to damage them
    • Turn-based battle style, Pokemon may damage player
    • Different Pokeballs have unique effects
  • Pokemon Drops
    • Drops upon death (e.g. corpses, items)
  • Hunger System
    • Using NPC kitchens to cook corpses to satisfy hunger
    • Insufficient hunger requirements will lead to damage to player
  • (Black) Poke Mart
    • Sell Pokemon corpses in order to obtain currency
    • Currency can be used to purchase armour/items/pokeballs

Hopefully this game sparks and interest within you and you choose to follow this project through. Thanks!

- yellowsubmarine

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