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Patch 1.1.3 released for Pizza Delivery 3000 bringing the game a giant step closer towards the Early Access vision for the game.

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Greetings! Big news this morning. Patch 1.1.3 has been released and is the first major content update for Pizza Delivery 3000 since launching on Steam Early Access. It has been a long time coming - and this update is a giant step closer towards the ultimate vision for the game. Enough rambling.... time to cover what this patch is all about:

    • Added a mini-map to the driver HUD to help you navigate your way around town.
    • Implemented a skill point system to the game.
    • Added shift progression! You can now continue your pizza delivery career beyond just the first day.
    • You can now spend your hard earned tip money on upgrades for the HoverCraft in between shifts.
    • Upgrades and driver stats now carry over between shifts.
    • You can now view you shift stats and career stats through the pause menu.
    • Revamped the main menu and how the player enters the game upon launch.
    • Began implementation of a High Score system **note: Not active in this patch but the framework has been coded into the game and it will be available in the near future!
    • Multiple bug fixes, tweaks, and minor improvements.

This marks a major stepping stone towards getting the game into a state where it can be played the way it was originally designed.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased the game since launch, provided feedback, sent support or encouragement - you have all helped make this journey possible. Happy deliveries! Drop us a message through the Steam discussion boards with any feedback or bug reports from this patch.


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