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A new week is gone, more work is done! The game is really starting to shape up, and we are getting the hang of things! This week I added the soundsystem, so now the background music reacts to your playstyle!

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Today I just finished and began spreading a new video of me playing through the grass level! What do you think? I'm hoping to showcase the new backgroundmusic engine in the game! There is also a ton of new effects and stuff going on! I Managed to complete the script for all the bosses, just have to optimize and add the finished sprites now!:D I also played around with a CTR-effect, check it out at the bottom!

Also! I've updated and fixed a Patreon for the Pixiel games. Everyone that becomes a patron gets to try out the games while I'm making them! I am thinking of maybe streaming some of this at a later date as well, we'll see how it goes!:D

Now! Onto level design!!

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