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So if you have gotten a chance to play the Pixelot Demo, then you know the game stops just after you defeat the first boss. No longer! I have been hard at work continuing and fleshing out the story in Pixelot! I have added two more recruitable characters and a brand new map with plenty to explore.

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Once you defeat the first dungeon, you are transported to a mythical realm and confronted by Astrum, a powerful wizard that has summoned you to the land of Pixelot, to combat a dark power that is sweeping over the land. After defeating the first boss you come into the possession of the Earth Crystal, one of 6 crystals that will be paramount to stopping this darkness. Not only is the crystal important, but it also gives your characters new passive powers such as reducing damage taken, increasing power and even causing your attacks to heal you. Each class has its own new power! As you progress in the game you will collect new crystals and in turn new powers. You can watch the video here:

Returning home, you get the opportunity to talk to the village elder, who thanks you for all of your help by giving you some very rare silver ore. He urges you to see the Blacksmith Ryan. Upon doing so, you are able to recruit Ryan to join your team. Ryan boasts incredible offensive powers and a number of defensive to boot. This also allows you to have a full four man team! He also comes equipped with some truly stellar items

In addition to recruiting Ryan you can also leave the town of Luma through its southern gate. This leads you to the brand new area, the “Mortal Pass”, a valley riddled with treasure, mercenaries, and dangerous enemies. You will have to watch out for bears with great defenses and eagles that rain lightning upon you. A notable new enemy is the “Mimic”. If you have ever played Golden Sun, or Dungeons and dragons, then you know that a mimic takes the appearance of a treasure chest, but is actually a boss! This enemy has a powerful attack that puts all of your best abilities on cooldown! You can watch the epic battle and the blacksmith in action here:

The mercenaries present a terrible problem as you try to navigate the Mortal Pass. There are knights with incredible defense, hammer wielding warriors that will stun your team, and axe wielding madmen that attack your whole team at once. Luckily you can recruit a powerful ally to help you combat them! Chase the Gambler! Chase has a unique play style in that his attacks could change each turn! You really have to roll the dice when playing him and you can really come up big! This is also a big deal because it forces you to pick your four favorite of the five characters you have, giving the player a lot of free will.

All this has been a lot but there is still sooooo much more to come! I’m working on the mercenary hideout now and there will be 4 new hirable characters in there! Yes you heard me, 4! I’m also working on re adding the oracle class to the game as a playable character from the beginning! Stay tuned for more updates because I promise you they are coming!

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