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I have finished everything for next update of Pixelot! This means new characters, new dungeons, new items and new monsters!

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Oh wow do I have a lot to cover in this post! First and foremost, I have finished everything for next update of Pixelot! This means new characters, new dungeons, new items and new monsters!

I’ve added a whole bunch of different enemies to the game, including these three jokesters! (I’m sorry if you don’t like puns…) now that players have more customization of their party, and access to several healers, I’ve made the enemies a little more difficult and given them more hp. The main theme of the new dungeon and map is the importance of handling damage of time effects (burn, poison, haunt). To make this easier I’ve added the ability to click on a player portrait in combat to view the damage over time effects on the player, and the current stat bonuses they may have.

The main feature of this update is the new dungeon, the dark tomb. The player will journey into the graveyard and purge the darkness that has been haunting the town of lyte. This dungeon is split into theee main parts. The first two parts can be done in any order.

On the left (red) side of the dungeon you have more physical, melee and ranged enemies to deal with. This side involves sneaking past enemies, or using raw power to overwhelm them. It also includes some valuable equipment! The boss of the red side is a powerful skeleton lord that will counter attack your abilities if you are not careful.

On the right (blue) side of the dungeon you will fight powerful skeleton wizards and their elemental slimes. These enemies are very dangerous because of their status and damage over time effects. This side also hosts tons of different puzzles that the player must navigate! I’m hoping for this to just be the start of puzzles for future dungeons! You’ll have to defeat a powerful skeleton mage in order to finish this side of the dungeon. Be careful as he can reflect your abilities back onto yourself!

Once you have completed both sides of the dungeon you will be able to proceed to the final room. In this room you will show down with the white skulls once again. Be careful, this time they have bows! When you reach the end you will face Xaan once and for all in an epic rematch. If you are able to defeat him, you will be rewarded with the shadow crystal!!

The shadow crystal (like the earth crystal) gives all of your characters an additional effect! This helps classes be more unique and allows them to be even more balanced! You’ll also get a magical leaf that you can use to recruit the alchemist class! The alchemist boasts powerful stat increasing abilities, the ability to use potions, elixirs, and revives for free, as well as some potent damaging abilities. These will be increasingly important skills for the content to be added in the future!

I hope you are as excited about this new update as I am and I can’t wait for you all to play it! Thanks for reading!

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