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Now that the mercenary hideout is complete I’m taking some time to add in a few improvements to the game!

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Pixelot - Game Improvements!

To start I revamped the animation for the slime enemy to make him look a little more 3D. I’ve also added a new class and made some improvements to the battle UI / UX.

Oracle - the oracle is one of the original six classes, but was not included in the demo / beta because it still needed a lot of work. This powerful class is now selectable as your starting class! The oracle boasts strong healing powers, and great resistance. It also has a higher defense than most casters, in addition to wearing medium armor instead of light armor. The oracle has an ability, grow, that restores health initially, and continues to restore health for a few turns. Once you have collected the earth crystal this ability is enhanced to affect your entire party! The oracle has strong offensive attacks and is a great choice for anyone starting the game!

Battle UI / UX - I’ve made too helpful updates to layout in the prep stage for battles. First, abilities that suddenly become active, such as combo attacks, will now have a gold swirling animation that will help to catch players attention and remind them they are now available! Second, after selecting an attack you can click on it again to view its power, icon, description and it’s elemental color!

These updates should help players get a better experience playing the game and go a long way to improve their play. I’m looking forward to working on more things along the way as ideas pop in my head and as always I love getting feedback from players! Until next time!

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