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I’m really excited to share the last devlog post before the update goes live!After defeating Salamandro in Mt. Magmor, the party goes back to wyrm to find that it is under attack by demons! The party rushes to the aid of Lord Christopher and he joins your party!

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Christopher is a Lord / Highlord with powerful defensive abilities. His main attack deals damage and combos into a piercing attack. He has two multi target attacks, the first lowering the defense of all his enemies and the second reducing the damage the party takes. Lastly he has a powerful single target attack that boosts the damage every party member deals on their next attack. His Gaia Blade ability boosts his power and causes his attacks to deal additional earth damage. He has a mirror shield ability that reflects damage on one target and a black cloak ability that blocks all melee damage. His final ability, steelfire, boosts defense and power for the party.


After defeating the demons in Wyrm, Chris tells the party about the dragon trial, a mystical quest into Mt. Volkor to defeat the Dragon Lord Volkor and ask for his protection. The party convinces Chris that they are going with him whether he likes it or not and so they set out to Volkor Valley to begin the trial. The trial consists of three parts, the fire dragons in the valley, the ice dragons in the mountain, and the storm dragons on the mountain top.


The fire dragon trial is relatively easy and simple. The party travels east through the valley defeating fire dragons until they reach Blacking, the leader of the fire dragons. Blackwing and Garrett get into a … Heated… Discussion and a fight ensues. Blackwing has a powerful fire attack that also lowers the party’s defense. He has a strong tail swipe attack that deals physical damage each turn as well. After defeating Blackwing he warns you that the rest of the dragons will be more difficult and gives you a dragon coat. The dragon coat is an epic armor piece that has high power, balanced defense and resistance, and can be worn by anyone.


The ice dragon trial is the longest stretch of the trial. To traverse the cavern in Mt. Volk, the player will need to navigate through several ice puzzles, switches, and locked doors. There are a number of really powerful items in the cavern including a dragon scale that ignores 30% of the enemy’s defense and resistance. Once you reach the end of the cavern, the party faces off against Azura, the brood mother of the dragons. Azura heals herself and her three eggs each turn. After only a few turns the eggs will hatch. If the eggs successfully hatch they will turn into dragons and be healed to full health. These dragons have infinite power and will 1 shot the party if they are allowed to hatch. The boss fight serves as a sage race as the player must balance staying alive and defeating the eggs in time. Once the eggs are defeated, the rest of the fight is much easier. After defeating Azura, she vows to protect your town and the player takes the ladder to the top of mountain top.



The final stretch of the dragon trial is consisted of a few maps where the player must defeat enemy storm dragons and climb higher on the mountain. Off to the side of one of the paths is a rainbow scale relic that reduces magic damage by 30% which is very helpful against the final dragon boss. Upon reaching the peak of Mt. Volk, the player battles against Volkor the Storm Lord, a powerful storm dragon. Volkor deals massive electric damage and always stuns 1 player per turn. A great way to counter this is to have a sage use purify on the party. With their high speed they will cure paralysis for whoever is stunned (unless of course they are the ones stunned!). If the player manages to defeat Volkor, they will receive his protection and the Storm Crystal!


The storm crystal greatly boosts every hero’s offensive abilities and overall power. Once they collect the crystal they meet with Astrum again and they challenge him asking why they need to get more of the crystals. Astrum informs the party that the demon sisters have started a war between Hyperion and Vangarde, the two counterparts to Myria. This is the end of the story content for this update!


While players wait for the next update the have the ability to compete against bosses and monsters in the arena! Defeating the last boss in the arena grants the party a legendary cloak that boosts stats for the hero each turn. When the party recruits Chris, he has a legendary bandana equipped that boosts critical strike chance. The party also has the ability to forge a legendary spear that increases damage against dragon enemies. This is very helpful in the dragon trial and against the last Arena Boss, Prisma. Prisma deals massive damage, is level 75, boosts her own stats, and lowers the party’s stats each turn.



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