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Yes, I know we're missing Alpha V1.3. There's a reason for that! We have come so far since our previous release (around 6 months ago) that we've decided to skip ahead a little and release it at Alpha V1.4!

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It's erm, been a while hasn't it?

We left off last time with a pretty terrible release back in October of a low quality, basic game. The game was pretty much ugly looking and most simplistic. Then, in February we started work again editing the look of the game rather than the coding that holds the lot together and again, didn't really do too much of a good job of that. Take a look below at the goodies we bestowed upon your eyes all that time ago.

Starting to flank....October 2010

The Start of a Graphics OverhaulFebruary 2011

Horrible isn't it? To be honest, I still don't know what we were thinking back then. Anyway, you'll be glad to hear that we've done a little tweaking and improved both the graphics and the game play drastically since those good old days!

I introduce you now to Pixel Tanks Alpha V1.4!

Since the previous public release of Pixel Tanks back in October (Alpha V1.2) we've decided to skip ahead a version due to the distance we have come since that release.

So, here comes the screenshots and upgrade list!

Pixel Tanks Alpha V1.4Pixel Tanks Alpha V1.4

On the graphics side of things, I've remastered all of the sprites we use in-game. This includes your base, walls and turrets, and all of the enemy Pixel Tanks (currently three versions). I've also re-created the HUD panel at the side and added tonnes of tiny little buttons that currently are unusable (look out for the next update to see them in action!). Finally, I whipped up a quick non-animated main menu to allow you to enter or quit the game.

On the coding side, we have an almost fully working HUD where Dan has created a HQ health integrity section that links with the HQ in the playing area. The scoring system has also changed a lot. We now have it so it costs points to shoot your enemies as well as gain them from your kills, and you also have a score with different points awarded depending on the type of Pixel Tank killed. Finally, other small coding issues have also been dealt with, which usually comes with the latest updates/patches.

Alpha V1.4 now up for grabs!

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