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Features i added this week to the game: Random Generated World, GUI System, Random Treasures and Tree Spawning.

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Development Update 01:

I added the following things to the game:

- Added Random World Generation system
+ System uses seeds to save Disk Space
+ Individual Seeds for every Chunk
+ Random placed trees (currently the trees have a bug which stops them from unloading)
+ Added Chunk unloading distance
+ Random placed Treasures (Locked and Unlocked Treasures)

+ Added Player Health GUI at the top right of the screen
+ Added Simple Inventory System
+ Added Invenotry Slot Saving System

- Items
+ Added Basic Sword (A sword is made out of 3 parts, Random Color for each Part)
+ Added Random Potions (Random Color,Random Name)
+ Added Heart Item (Currently does nothing :D but will be used to increase maximal Heart Count)

- Todo List for next week:
+ Make GUI System able to save sword Colors and Potion Colors
+ Fix Tree unloading Bug which decreases FPS by arround 25percent
+ Make Items able to be picked up
+ Make Heart Items usefull

- Todo List for next month:
+ Better Island generation and More Biomes
+ Maybe Simple Random Generated Dungeons
+ Basic Enemys

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