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Please Help Piu to get out from there. Piu is a Chicken ?! Hey he is still a baby he will grown cool after he get big.

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Short Story :

Not long after the party beat Roronoa, they separate and live like they normally do. They don't know if everything is still not done. And someday, 7 holy beast is gone 1 by 1. The 7 of them (Partner) is discussing to save the Holy beast and finally they know where they get kidnapped. Secretly they Act without their parrents knowledge. They find out that they can't come to there and save directly because of the barrier will detect them, so they just can unseal the jail's seal who keep them from run and help them from a far. First they save Piu (Hikari's holy beast) with her big sister while other try to rescue other holy beast.

Gameplay :

Game will start from very easy to very hard.

  • Level him.
  • Upgrade Skills by collecting stars.
  • Choose Difficult (even easy is already hard)
  • Hey don't touch the wall in labyrint it's dangerous!
  • Take all star for bonus score.
  • Complete missions for more bonus score.
  • Be careful, score will be reduced every seconds.
  • Solve mini puzzle while running.
  • Online Leaderboards.
  • Be careful at stage 8. Wrong remove platform, you will fall until HP reach 0!!
  • Beat scary boss at stage 9.


  • You will find stage 1-2 is easy.
  • Stage 3-4 will be confusing.
  • Stage 6+ everything will be hard.
  • Touch the wall in labyrint will giving damage and respawn Piu back to the place where Piu get the last star.


  • Left Click then move cursor for turn.
  • Right Click for Switch On or Off a Lever.
  • Space for Jump.
  • Num 1-4, Q-R for skills.

Group and Feedback :

Link Download :

  1. PC Version
  2. Playstore

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