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We’ve got some good news, and some bad news for Devlog number seven…

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We’ve got some good news, and some bad news for Devlog number seven…

We’ll Start With The Good News!

We’ve been making a lot of progress with improvements to the game, including (but not limited to) traffic updates, character updates, and adding more life and survival options to the game. Additionally, we’ve received over 250 wishlists on Steam and we can’t thank you enough for your support!

Traffic Updates

There have been multiple improvements to the traffic system which makes it more efficient, and more visually appealing, like smoothing the animations. As the traffic system is an important part of the game, there have also been multiple bug fixes, with more refinements as development continues.

Character Updates

We’ve reworked the character pipeline in order to add more variations to the NPC and customization to the player character. To do this, we made a single character model and armature that is used as a base character, a blank slate. We then decide if we want the NPC to be a chef, police officer, tourist, or the player themselves. The game then takes the appropriate clothing items and places them on the base character, giving them a unique look!

This will allow the player character to customise their outfit buy purchasing clothing at shops, or through donations from philanthropist NPCs. It also allows us to reuse animations across all characters in the game.

Adding More Survival Options

In order to survive, you need to find food when you get hungry. Pity Please! has multiple ways to go about finding your next meal.

There are now fish swimming in the seas which you will be able to catch using your fancy D.I.Y. fishing rod! Thanks to the previously mentioned character update, the NPCs can also be found fishing at the docks fish!

Food carts are another way to get food, either by donations, earning enough money to pay for it, or perhaps other means?

You can search through one man’s trash in order to find another man’s treasure!

Check payphones for change that may have been forgotten!

Now For The Bad News…

Unfortunately due to the world going COVID crazy, natural disasters, inflation, and overall bad luck with the developer’s personal lives, we are sad to announce we will be delaying the game for another year. We hope that you understand, and know that we are still passionately developing the game for you to play!

Thanks For Reading!

With that, our seventh developer's log comes to an end along with 2022.

Happy holidays from the Dev Team and we wish you a happy new year for 2023!

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