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A chunk of news about the upcoming updates, with an outline of features I'll be implementing.

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I wanted to announce that I've started work on the next phase of the project for Panthers in the Fog. Here's a quick summary of the features to expect:

-Squad and team compositions, as well as platoon/company structure and organization, will be modified to reflect their historical counterpart as closely as possible within the game's constraints and engine. An example being that the US rifle teams have now been combined into a single squad, but of 10 men, instead of 12, because Panthers in the Fog only allows 10 soldiers in a squad. This was also done in my progress so far to make room for the rest of the infantry platoon's historical TO&E of a bazooka team, mortar squad and light machine gun squad.

-Infantry will be given the historical amount of combat loads on their person, including ammunition which is carried by a squad/team's ammunition bearers, as well as the historical number of grenades. Additionally, more smoke is given to squads and teams, and added to more squad members, to allow the player to use smoke more than once, and also if the squad leader for those units is killed. This also gives almost every squad in the game the ability to deploy smoke.

-Weapons will be changed to reflect their historical counterparts' effective range. In the case of anti-tank weapons, tanks and other vehicles, in addition to the effective range change, is adjusting the armor penetration values to their realistic level.

-Vehicles will be given their historical max speed, acceleration and armor thickness values for increased realism, which also means that, as many history buffs know, that a Sherman doesn't stand a chance against a Panther, for example, unless it uses its speed and maneuverability to its advantage to get around to the rear of the Panther. Otherwise, that Panther is more than likely going to smoke that Sherman in a single shot if it hits it.

-The blast radius of every explosive in the game will be increased to their historical radius, making explosives more deadly, which also lines up with the realistic fact of war that most of a fight's casualties are from shrapnel and indirect fire.

-Terrain and cover values will be modified to be based on the values used by A Bridge Too Far, but also given a more realistic quality to them, to not only recreate the feeling of combat in A Bridge Too Far, but also make combat more brutal and realistic.

A key thing I want to advise the players on is that they better brush up on your small unit tactics and combined arms tactics. This mod will not only revive the intensity and danger of A Bridge Too Far's combat and gameplay, but will also make combat more realistic. Study up and/or refresh yourself on your tactics. This isn't going to be the standard Panthers in the Fog you're used to.


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