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Well, as the beta approaches, and the last pieces are being put together, should we throw the Black Sun and Desilijic clan in for the beta?

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As the beta approaches, and we all get restless, decisions for final content start taking precedents. Such as: Right now, we have Wizardington coding the planets in (finally) and Commander165 coding the SSD's in. Already I know that certain units losted in the tech tree are being, well, difficult. The CIS Missile Cruiser doesnt shoot unless shot at, and doesnt shoot it's barrage missiles, period. The Delta-7B starfighter squadron doesn't want to show up in-game. The Venators refuse to spawn for the right faction/tech. Normal beta errors that are too 'minor' to warrant delay of a beta release, but annoying enough.
Now, the point is, I have secured code for the Black Sun faction (pirates) and the Desilijic Clan (Hutts). I should have enough units to make them contenders in the Skirmish and Galactic Conquest, but I would like to again ask the community whether they would like a taste of two new factions (only available for Skirmish) or not have them in the beta but have them for skirmish and GC. Already, the beta is confined to Skirmish due to the sheer number of units added, and the extra sandbox coding required to level up the ships (so you cannot build venators or IPV-I's at tech 5).
Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your candor and enthusiasm.


I think you should take your time, Personally i'd rather see a mod released with a good job far well more done than should be, then to see it the other way

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I agree, rather see a well built mod than one thats rushed and released with so much stuff wrong with it that it shouldnt of been released at all. But wouldnt the upgrading ships be very unrealistic? in the middle of a battle a Venator suddenly turns into a Star I agree you shouldnt be building them at tech 5 but changing them wouldnt be fun at all :( need some obsolete ships to throw at the enemy to watch split and burn >:D

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DarthNerd Author

I dont mean they'level up', I mean when you advance tech in galactic conquest, you can build ships available to that tech level. existing ships will stay as they are.

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