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Welcome to the "March" build of Pioneer! More lovely fixes by the dev team for this month so please take a look at the change list below. Fly safe folks! :)

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For March 2015. Full changelog.

  • Fixes

    • Fix modelcompiler (#3356)
    • Attempt to avoid calling methods on a nil object (#3357)
    • Fix missing specular highlights (#3367)
    • Fix compilation of planetrings shader (#3370)
  • New Features
    • Mouselook for internal camera (#3361)
    • Migrating the save-game serialisation from a binary flat file to JSON (#3355)
  • Internal Changes
    • Fix VS2013 profiling configuration (#3368)
    • Rendering statistics (#3371)
    • Instanced model rendering for cities (#3372)
    • Update the sgm file version (#3375)
  • As ever Linux (32 & 64 bit) and MAC OSX builds are available from Pioneer's own site here:
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