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Hi Pioneer fans! Welcome to the "June" build of our favourite space sim! Lots to look at in the changelog for this month so please do have a look. Have a safe flight out there! :)

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Pioneer "June 2015" 20150701

Veince By Marcel

Change Log June 2015

For June 2015. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • Allow up to 3 orbits a spacestation can occupy (#3392)
  • Fixes

    • Calculate the correct distribution of orbitals, may affect saved games (#3389)
    • Fix crash on start and crash on game load (#3399, #3387, #3400, #3402)
    • Fix crash when using Chinese languge (#3405)
    • Init model label in SpaceStation and CargoBody LoadFromJson (#3406)
    • Fix redirection of stderr to avoid undefined behaviour on posix (#3373)
    • Fix save/load crash (#3387) for real this time (#3407)
    • Fix another save/load crash triggered by floating cargo (#3412, #3413)
    • Fix terrain max depth calculation (#3411)
  • 32 & 64 bit Linux builds also available from

The Ladybird By Marcel

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