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Hi Folks! :) Welcome to the first Pioneer build of 2018!

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Here is the change log for the January 2018 build. This covers all updates from November last year that the Pioneer Dev Team added. Wonderful work by them and I hope you fans out there will give it a try. :)

As usual, the build is also available in Pioneer's own site and Linux 32 & 64 bit versions are also available.

February 2018 Change Log

* Fixes *

Don't crash when opening sector view in hyperspace

January 2018

* New Features *

F2 sector view UI moved to ImGui

Hyperjump planner for F2 sector view

Lua API StarSystem has new 'govtype' attribute

Unexplored systems in the sector view zoomed out mode are now grey.

Commodity market shows description of the commodity selected

Allow custom factions to make claims

Don't show radar in hyperspace

CustomSystem input syntax adapted for easier data entry

Sectorview zoomout prettier homeworld labels

Hydrogen scooping from small planets with hydrogen atmosphere

Commodity market shows import/export icons if trade computer exists

Access all systembody attributes in lua

Move LowThrust Setting to ImGui

Small display changes

Keep new textures and patterns for ships

* Internal Changes *

Happy new year!

Errors parsing Ship and Space Station data files will now make the game fail during load, instead of leaving those objects in an indeterminate state to cause a hard-to-diagnose crash later.

Fix spelling error in docs

Remove unused strings

Add forgotten copyright headers to ImGui-files

Trivial micro change of variable

Some hash_random related fixes

Change lua_pushinteger for lua_pushnumber to preserve value of seed

Updatefuel code duplication

CityOnPlanet rewrite: recursive to iterative

New calculations for station commodity stocks

Asteroid mining results controlled by lua

Route planner optimisations

Remove unused variable and update the comment

CityOnPlanet setuserdata optimized

Updates to Geom class

Minor optimisations around avoiding isqrt

Square the values now that the isqrt was removed

* Fixes *

Planar and azimuthal radar at same time

Tradeships getSystemAndJump checking

Fudge-fix projectile ray tracing

Fix ship stat CSV output

Make the black hole system navigable

Modelcompiler fixes for x64 linking

Set the user data for city geom objects

Fix broken Lua->C seed transfers in Face & CustomSystem

December 2017

* New Features *

Rounded rewards

Save files are now written in gzip format so they don't need a custom tool to extract

WKFO's Military hyperdrive sound effects

Add VS2017 Build files

Force time acceleration if right mouse button is held down

Internal Changes *

Refactor buffers to have a capacity and size

Add GZipFormat source files to VS2015 Solution

Library version information logging to aid debugging

Some minor code cleanup

Query the maximum AA samples

* Fixes *

Tradeships.lua unexplored crashfix

AlertState cache cleared on load

November 2017

* New Features *

Adding base to Moon (JAXA lava cave location)

* Internal Changes *

Added -skipmenu/-sm flag

* Fixes *

Fix the MainMenu nil args crash

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