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Welcome folks to the February build of Pioneer. Just tweaks under the hood of the game for this month as the dev team continue to improve the build month by month, enjoy! Also some tips for adding your own music and news for another release of the Pioneer Scout Plus mod. Details below. :)

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For February 2015. Full changelog.

  • Fixes

    • Romanian characters added, fixes #3314 (#3318)
    • Fix the libcurl linking for Profile, PreRelease and Debug (#3354)
  • Script and UI API changes
    • ServerAgent class for simple network communication (#3342)
  • Internal Chnages
    • LuaSerializer refactoring to diminish coupling with LuaObject (#3349)

Two more things:
If you would like to add your own music to the game, you can easily
convert MP3s to .ogg format using a program called Audacity. It free and
can be found here: remember
to convert them into .ogg format at 44100 or 22050 Hz and drop them into
your Pioneer/data/music/core file. In the core file you will find
further files covering different events in the game. So try
experimenting with some of your favourite music for a customised Pioneer
Secondly Walterar has just released a new version of his Pioneer mod, Pioneer Scout Plus, G21f. You can find that

I've also included some screen shots from Pioneer and Walterar's Scout Plus Mod in the Gallery, so please have a look.
Until next month, have fun folks! ;)

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