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Welcome to the Christmas release of the latest build for Pioneer. I would like to thank everyone who tried out Pioneer this year. Without your testing and feedback on the Pioneer dev forum the team would have had a much harder time tracking down those annoying bugs. Best wishes to you all out there! Finally here is the changelog for this build.

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For December 2014. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • New Multi Scoop equipment, and merge cargo and fuel scoop slots to a single one (#3267)
    • New OPLI ship Storeria (#3257)
  • Fixes
    • Fix string "NONE" in ShipInfo not using the translated version (#3268)
    • Require OpenGL 3.1 context when opening the SDL window (#3269)
  • Minor changes and tweaks
    • Switch font texture U/V coordinates to unsigned int (#3273)
    • README updated to markdown format (#3276)
  • Internal Changes
    • Fix spelling error in DeliverPackage
    • Better descriptions for translation strings in ui-/core (#3272)
  • As ever Pioneer is also available in Linux (32 & 64 bit) and MAC
    OSX versions on it's own site:
  • Think you can help the dev team to improve the game? Then why not drop by the
    dev forum here:
  • Pioneer also has a twitter feed if you fancy a quick chat with the devs. For that have a look here:
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