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Hi folks! Back again with a round up of all the updates covering the month of August for the Windows version of Pioneer. The dev team are already working on the September build but this change log is impressive indeed! Even the newly discovered TRAPPIST-1 system has been added to the game! Fly safe out there folks. :)

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August 2017

* New Features *

Moved remaining cpanel UI to imgui/lua

Hide mouse pointer when GUI is not drawn

Make all main menu button tooltips translatable

Setspeed indicator, larger hud size, more frame info

Show alerts near the reticule with imgui

Add Eros and Phoebe


Make Ctrl-clicking select the set-speed target

Orbit stations lobby shows orbit info

Add Earth g comparison in system info view

Add search field to BBS adverts

Orbit and ground station use different welcome messages

* Internal Changes *

Change laser to weapon in some core en.json

Removing unused cpanel icons

Putting back the lagrange icons

Silence GCC warning

Move Brasilia a little bit

Move game start location for Earth back to London

Add SystemPath to the ObjectViewerView

* Fixes *

Additional sort order fix

Fix occasional nil dereference

Add missing flight state in crew rooster

Fix Star/planet/gas giants popping into view

Show a warning message if trying to hyperjump with wheels down

Fix player not being fined for murder and piracy

Adding gun and light tags to Mola Ramsayi

Fix AI ships not hyper-jumping

Workaround for issue 4098

Fix zero mass asteroids in custom systems

Fix autopilot being confused by bespoke thrusters

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