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Hi Folks! The Pioneer dev team have been busy this month added new features and doing further refinements to the build. Please check out the changelist below and have fun! :)

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For August 2014. Full changelog.

  • New features

    • Bring Luomu's game msg log over from the SSP fork (#2527)
    • Display ships in system view (#3115)
    • Display ship heading and pitch (#3108)
    • Advanced radar mapper works in system orbital view (#3122)
    • Draw periapsis/apoapsis as icons on system view orbits (#3133)
    • Improved Joystick Binding (#3141)
  • Minor changes and tweaks
    • Consistent set nav target on click in SystemView (#3125)
    • Write opengl.txt earlier to help debugging (#3138, #3137, #3132)
    • Bigger font for msg log (3143)
  • Script and UI API changes
    • Ship:UseECM() returns recharge time and success state.
    • Update COMPILING.txt, and add Doxygen support (#3136)
  • Fixes
    • Fix trade ship without atmoshield causing crash in system with only stations on worlds with atmosphere (#3107)
    • Fix crash when clicking a view change button (F1-F4) while a new-ui message box is being displayed (#3111, #3110)
    • Zoom out button before zoom in in system,sector,galactic view (#3112)
    • Fix an Exit Game widget crash. (#3106)
    • Fix bad faction colour only being applied to uninhabited (#3116)
    • Destroy Hyperspace clouds after 2 days of ingame time (#3118)
    • Fix system view ship crash (#3119)
    • Fix refreshing assertion in SystemInfoView (#3120)
    • Fix unnecessary limit on ship base price (#3129, #3130)
    • Fix crash from TradeShips trying to serialize dead ships (#3126, #3123)
    • Fix Fuel club discount not being applied (#3140)
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