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We need your help to bring Ping 2 to Nintendo Wii U! :)

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The story itself is centered around the cube civilization being taken over by spheres. That's when Ping decides to take things into his own hands. The story is over the top on purpose to enter humor into the story, because seriously, how much of a storyline could you possible expect for a game about cubes?

The plot will be ridiculous, funny, and several moments in the game you'll see parodies of your favorite game series. And probably obscure games too.For people who do decide to back, I make it a habit to post very frequent screenshots and videos as to show what it's like to develop a game and how it looks before it gets to you and to also get feedback from fans. It helps shape the game into the commercial product that people want and still happens to maintain our vision! There's no reason not to get input from others' nowadays with the internet making it so easy to share content almost immediately.

The music is being composed by @Bass_Ganon, who is a fantastic music composer who resides in London. It gives off the perfect retro and techno vibe that Ping 2 thrives on. And the beats feel good vibrating off your eardrums.
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