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In this post we will talk about: Game loops; In-Game art mockups; Pilgrim's Path logo.

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Hi there!

Pedro's here, today I'm going to tell you about the loops in our game.

Here is the core loop of our game:

Core loop

The core loop of our game revolves around Collect - Examine - Use.
To get a complete experience in our game, the player must choose which items to carry in his backpack (Collect), examine his environment and surroundings (Examine) and use the available material to overcome adversity (Use).

The Gameplay loop:

Gameplay loop

The gameplay loop of our game starts by Collecting the Items arranged to take on the trip, Examine the surroundings, Use the Items and finally Collect the Collectibles that this reward, returning to the Examine phase

The Retention loop:

Retention Loop

For our game's retention loop we opted for 3 very common methods, Collectibles, Achievements, and Completion.
But not all collectibles can be picked up the first time the character walks the path, which would make it impossible to have the game 100% complete, so in the same save the player will be able to retrace the path as many times as he wants and take the items he prefers

We also want to show you the final mockups with the User Interface;

Main menu
UI menu

Game Screen
UI mockupLook its Miguel! ;)

Speech bubbles
UI speech bubble

UI inventory 1
What will these items do??

Pause menu
UI pause menu
The cat :O

And last but not least, the logo of our game:
game logo
What do you think?

t's all for today!
If you have any questions or want to give some tips (we are students after all ;)), you can send an email to:

logo para publicaes

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