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The year is 2018. Pandora has released and pig racing is now a phenomenon! Take a look at our newest video update.

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Hello guys!

Happy New YEAR! And what a fantastic year it's going to be, as we're going to be releasing Pandora to the public this Summer. We're excited to do this but it's very scary.
We have a fantastic new video to show you guys, so make sure you take a look at our Youtube channel to see our latest update.

What have we been doing since our last update? Well, pretty much reorganising everything. For the last time, we tell you!

We have brand new NPCs in the game thanks to our new-not new 3D character artist, Andre. As you can see in the video, we've just retextured the outfits but they are walking around and doing their own jobs in the village. Our next step with them is so they have their own cycle of waking up, coming out of their homes, doing a job or mingaling in the village centre and going back home at night. Coding is all set up, we just need our designers to get this into place. How exciting!
So what's next with the characters? Well, Andre is just finishing up one more NPC, and he'll be starting on Minos. The first Titan of the game. While he's doing this, we're looking at getting one more 3d character modeler to join our team and take on the rest of the NPCs we have concepts for. Know someone? Well let u know!


There have been a lot of gameplay changes since the last update. We've updated the animations and also made sure the combat is looking more smooth. We have made the footwork on Pandora move in a different direction compared to how she's fighting so it gives it a more natural look. Take a look at the video and tell us what you think and how we could improve this. The walk cycle has been updated since we made the video in this blog, but keep an eye on our social media to see the updates we've done.
A pig mini racing game has also been added, a poster mini-game and we've set up the tutorial. It's great playing and finding out all the issues with these mini-games. Just means we can make it better!
New animals have been introduced and wow, it really does bring the world alive! So of course, we have the pig and the cow, goat and several birds flying around!

There have also been lots of bug fixes and several changes to the UI.

We'll now leave you with the newest update video. Think you can help us? Want to test the game? Email us at

All the best!

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