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Added audio and other fixes and improvements.Other minor fixes and improvements

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After about 2 months of hiatus due to (happy) life events I've started working on the game again.

New Features:
- I've finally added placeholder music and audio to the game. Thanks to Federico Portillo(AKA Jupitron) for creating all the audio assets.
- Player can be controlled with WASD(actually just A and D)
- The position of the respawn point associated with a gem can now be defined separately from the position of the gem itself. Now I can put the gem in a dangerous place and the associated respawn point somewhere safe so that the player doesn't die instantly upon respawning.

Fixes and improvements:
- Broken blocks are now restored when the player respawns to avoid making the level unbeatable.
- Debug mode now updates properly when using WebGL
- The background now uses tiles rather than TileSprites, improving performance.
- Optimized all image assets using to improve load times.
- The usual cleanup and refactoring.

Next Steps:
- Preloader
- Main menu

*Headphones in the preview created by OpenClips

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