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New unit introduced into the Picaroon open beta - the Technology Centre. The unit ugrades to existing island functions but also enables an orbital laser.

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We've just introduced a new unit into Picaroon and hope that our beta testers like it!It uses and enhances many of the game's strategy mechanics. Player must choose to research a particular branch of technology to improve defence capabilities, food or resource production, tax efficiency (to improve gold collection - our internal currency) and building repair.Players must make further choices later on depending on which types of unit function you want to improve first along your particular technology branch, e.g. lens defence or siege cannon performance.As the researchers work they are also busy constructing an orbital laser weapon, which when charged, can transmit a laser beam from space to the farthest reaches of the map to smite a foe. In addition, the island's inhabitants feel safer and the island's overall morale (a vital defence against marauding invaders) increases. The net effect is a nice boost to both your defensive and attacking options.And there is one nice last benefit, the technology centre also periodically produces the game's magical cards, we call them specials, and with these gamers can enhance their gameplay. The technology centre produces these cards for use in our Skirmish Picaroon RTS game.For those who have not given Picaroon a try, we have two versions of the game running, the Classic version that is played out over two weeks and a Skirmish version which plays to a finish in an hour. And what's more we're working on a Persistent version which we hope to connect with email warnings initially, followed by a web application to any web enabled platform.

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