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UPDATE - LV_426 Map..Should be a playable stage by 1st September! But heres the background of it! No actually Maps Pics right now though! - Dam Hammer!

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Hey all!,
What luck! They day i start this page, is the day Hammer decides it doesn't like compiling my map!
Im working on the map LV_426, which is the Colony station in Aliens owned by Weyland-Yutani Corporations.
The map should be something along the lines of this:

The Marines will start near the entrance in the foreground, with the Aliens starting near the Terraforming Unit in the Background. The Time of the level is set so that the Marines no they can not be evac'd straight away (I.e. Dropship malfunction or weather) ...and so they must enter the compound, build defenses and deploy Drone Guns. The buildings in the Compound will consist of:

Operations & Medlab
Living & Dinning
Control Tower
With one or two Smaller unit dotted around

All units will be joint by Ducts and walkways.
There will be a heavy fog and stormy rain.
And of course battle damage from where the Colonists fought the Aliens before the Marines.

The Aliens will start at the Hive, and will be alerted to the marines presence, possibly by the Dropship crashing..or explosion ETC... The ALIENS will deploy 1min 30 Secs After the marines, and will make their way to the compound. Routes Available will be the Engineers servicing duct (In movie) With a hub station 2/3rds the way along, which will branch off to other areas of the compound with tunnels.
They can of course go x-country, but be warned! Marine Snipers could be watching!

The Round is Won once the Marines/opposing team have been killed, or for the marines sake, Rescue arrives!

Expect pictures tomorrow Afternoon :)


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