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Explanation of the client launch application and how it is used to setup and run the alpha preview demo.

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I have been hard at work trying to meet my deadline to deliver my alpha preview demo by the end of this month. It is going to be close. :)

I have included some images of the client launch application or CLA. The CLA is a gateway application handling game settings, server listings, user authentication and more. I will be using this application to help setup things for the alpha preview demo.

CLA Start Panel

I have tried to make running this alpha preview demo as easy as possible. For most users this will be a two step process, Looking at the image above you can see two buttons in the center panel. To run the alpha demo you will have to first click on the "Graphics Settings" button which will switch the center panel to the graphics settings panel seen below. You will need to select a video driver and a default resolution (you can change resolutions in game). Then you click save and click the "Back to Start" button. This will lead you back to the panel we started on with the two buttons as seen above. Next click "Run Preview Demo" to run the alpha preview demo.

CLA Graphics Settings Panel

The CLA will automatically scan your system for available sound and video card resources. Phoenix USC supports DX9, 10, 11 and OpenGL and requires about 256mb of memory. This preview demo will run on Windows based platforms supporting XP - Win8. Linux and Mac demos will be available at a later date.

So running the alpha preview demo will be pretty easy and with a bit of luck most of you will be able to jump right into the demo and start blasting away at about 40-50 bots. I will be preparing a major update in a week or so and will probably post a video walking you through the process described above and explain the in game features and how to use them.

If you have not see my latest video why not see what Phoenix USC is about. ;)

Thanks for supporting Phoenix USC.
Richard Betson

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