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News about the upcoming Phoenix USC preview demo. Release date 2-21-15.

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Phoenix USC Preview Demo

Release Date February 21st 2015


I have been hard at work retooling the interfaces and fixing a few last minute bugs. I will be releasing the Phoenix USC Preview Demo on February 21st 2015. The demo is a standalone (no online play) game with up to 300 bots (enemy shios) to battle in an arena combat setting. The demo will run on Windows XP - Winodws 8.1 and should run well on most systems and video cards (Linux and Mac versions to follow at a future date). It will let you experience what the online version of the game will be like. If you are new to Phoenix USC I would encourage you to to check out the videos and information posted here or visit the Phoenix USC web site.

So be here on 2-21-15 to get your copy of the Phoenix USC preview demo. :D

- Rich -

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