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A video of the new AI enhancements I am working on. Watch me take on 300 bot swarm. Demo Available.

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New demo AI testing. Taking on the 300 bot swarm.


I have been working to improve the AI of the demo. The bots (enemy ships) now have increased weapons (bullet) velocities and bots also have increased speed. The bots now only move or turn when they have a clear line of sight on the player ship. I have also increased the AI efficiency so now all 300 bots can be in view and battling. The AI tracking has been improved and the bots accuracy increased.

In this video you can see me take on a massive 300 bot swarm. I will include an option so that you can take on the bots in the same manor. I will be posting a new demo version and patch for those who already have a copy of the current demo here by this weekend (3-7-15).

The current demo of Phoenix USC is available here. If you have an AI preference please let me know in comments.

Phoenix Universe of Space Combat Preview Demo

- Rich -

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