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Video of the latest progress on Phoenix USC's alpha demo. Available November 2014.

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Phoenix USC Alpha Demo Progress


I have made quite a bit of progress toward the alpha demo for Phoenix USC. Since the last update I have have refined the weapon impact effects and worked out bot AI. The bot AI is designed to give the feel of what the 'online' client will be like with actual human opponents. I will be tweaking the physics for the various ships and weapons but the game play is pretty cool and the demo will be very playable. This video shows what the actual demo game play will look like. It is bots vs. player and is a simulation or impression of online game play.

I am planning a late November 2014 release of the Phoenix USC alpha demo. The alpha demo is designed to give you a 'hands on' path to experiencing the Phoenix USC game engine. All alpha demo players will be able to chat via the in game IRC system. This is a neat feature and hopefully will let anyone who wants to meetup with other alpha demo players all while in game. This alpha demo will be available for Windows based platforms, a Linux demo is possible.

Everything here looks ready to go aside from a few little additions and changes. So if you have not already register on the Phoenix USC forum , please do as registered users will get an early copy of the alpha demo. Be sure to spread the word, the Phoenix USC alpha demo is on the way. :)

Thanks for supporting Phoenix USC.
- Rich -

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