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A new trailer has been released! Pre-Alpha Version Anounced! and current features are listed!

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The Technical Preview Version (Pre-Alpha Version). Will now be available anytime this week depending on Desura's approval. But if all goes well, it should be available tomorrow (March 12, 2015) or the next day. To spice up the thrill, here comes the Pre-Alpha Trailer!

Watch in 720p.

We are truly sorry for a lot of delays. We had to fix major bugs that made the game almost unplayable.

Pre-Alpha V1.03.2:

- A.I.s are still not functioning properly but they have the basic animations, movements, and attacks.
- The level design for each levels are still not final.
- 4 Firearms, 2 Melees, and the Bow are currently the only weapons available.
- Progress cannot be saved for now.
- Considerably slow loading time (First Level only)
- Low FPS might occur, we are currently working on optimization.
- Level 3 currently has heavier problems with A.I behavior.
- Level 3 might turn out to be "Boring" for some.
- Graphics would still improve in the future.
- The gameplay is still not final.
- There might be bugs that we are not aware of.
- This version should not fail to show the concept of the game.

Current Short Term Plans:

- New Character models
- More weapons.
- Better Animations.
- A.I. improvements
- Bug Fixes

This version (Technical Alpha) should help us fix more bugs at a faster rate, improve the game itself, and many more depending on user feedback.

Thank You for being with us, but we ask you to be patient as this is still the earliest version of the game and might not be as appealing as some players expect.


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