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Persistent Frontier Beta3.1 is now released! Simply put the 3.1 folder into your warband modules folder!

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  • Boars to drop rawhide
  • Boars now do charged damage. (changed to 400)
  • Bears do more charged damage. (already at 7500)
  • Reaction time for Boars and Bears increased.
  • Boars now have an increased chance to drop raw hide.
  • Add meat to be sellable - new scene prop (pf_meat_pile)
  • Remove deprecated dev login
  • Add the standing animation - Set everything back to crossbows
  • Manual LOD’s added to trees so they are not see through.
  • Gestures need to be fixed
    • Add new command menu with checks for chat
  • “Reveal Pouch” system should now work.
  • Wheat Sheaf now has a 1500 sell price to encourage farming
  • There is no longer an ammo pouch sticking out of you when you get shot.
  • Nametags are now the same distance as they were in PW, in addition to this, when players crouch, their name tags go invisible making ambushing possible.
  • Voice commands now work and we have new ones! (We will not be using the ones from PW)
  • Updated to PW_4.3.0 Module System
    • Fixed Admin Announcements
  • Fix Native leader being able to yell
  • Add music tracks: Fort Sound, Trail walking, Natives in my PF
  • Animation and Gesture initialization are now linked with player spawn
  • Buffalo's not spawning
  • Town Watch headquarters to Sherrif's Department.
  • Remove Dev troops
  • Muskets now do proper damage (instead of people surviving musket shots).
  • Replace PW items for some troops (commoner etc.)
  • Admin buffalo spawn with full health
  • Add Menu background behind strings
  • Add custom kill icons for muskets.
  • Make Bolts not be pickupable after being fired
  • Whispers no longer work
  • Pistols no longer work

Voice Commands and their checks:

  • Hostile, Neutral and Gestures are available for all classes
  • Robbery is only available for people who have been outlawed or who are currently a highwayman
  • Must be a Native Chief, Warrior, Musketeer or Archer to use native ones
  • Must be a diplomat, line infantry or captain to use soldier ones
  • Anything else reverts to colonial

Lions HorsesQuarter Horse:Armor- 20Speed-43Maneuver-47Charge-0HP- 140-Paint (Dun changed) Armor- 10Speed-40Maneuver-45Charge-0HP-100-Arabian (Change Desert Horse) Armor-15 Speed-45 Manuver-55 Charge-0 HP-135-Thoroughbred (Change Courser) Armor-10 Speed- 55 Manuver-45 Charge-0 HP-140-Clydesdale/Belgium Draft (New Cart Horse) Armor- 10 Speed-40 Manuver-30 Charge-0 HP-150

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