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PeZBOT 011p for Call of Duty 4 has been released.

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011p has been released for Call of Duty 4, the changes and additions are:

- Bots will now choose attachments for weapons.
- Dropped weapons from bots should now have more ammo.
- Bots will now throw stun, flash and smoke grenades.
- Bots will now choose perks upon spawning. (can be disabled with svr_pezbots_useperks 0)
- Added model select menu (escape > choose model). You can now choose which character model you wish to use. Also added a few extra character models such as Capt. Price, Imran Zakhaev, etc.
- Bots will use extra character models as well as the stock ones - can be turned on with svr_pezbots_modelchoice 1.
- Added Battlechatter. (can be turned on or off with svr_pezbots_chatter 0.)
- Revised knifing function, no long range kills.
- Bots may flank/spread out a little more.
- Added a new playstyle - a mix of both the existing playstyles. (svr_pezbots_playstyle 2)
- Fixed issue with District waypoints.
- Fixed the non balanced teams balancing on map change.
- Fixed mismatch error occurring in Search and Destroy on some maps.

Download 011p from ModDB:

Not much else to say other than thank you to ATB for a huge amount of help for this version. Although he is not directly working on the mod anymore, he does still help me with things and makes a few things of his own such as the model menu and battlechatter.

For those wondering about 005p for WaW - don't worry, it will be released soon. Hopefully towards the end of this month, or early next month.

- Lord_Gannondorf

HunterTwoOne - - 14 comments

This looks awesome... Great job

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jag272 - - 47 comments

updated my mod to 011p. releasing soon after i add some stuff. also making a new take on it soon.

great work though i havent had time to play much yet

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safak - - 4 comments

New pezbot should have promod alike graphics for official maps and physics .
You should make an option for graphics and physics which triggers the console commands or make an alternative pezbot with the mapfiles in promod.They are not the map files but files that configures them. Ever Since it is 007p i have been expecting that but never realised.
So please mod it :)
I guess anyone should love that .
(and 007p promod one on the net gives error and its not just me)

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cshih1calvin - - 1 comments

I think you should let us change the bot names

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Qw6dethzx - - 24 comments

i cant play S&D tho. i can play 1 match and then it says something wont work!

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infotechbg - - 2 comments

OMG why every time when i go any level up (2,3 or something other) it don't save ... when start the next round in S&D i from 3-4 level go again to 1 level .. when i am 10 lvl in TDM or other level when i leave game i am again 1 level .. PLS HELP ! :(

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Guest - - 698,508 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

CptHrki - - 18 comments

Question, is it possible to combine "Realistic Warfare" mod with pezbots? If so, I would appreciate it if you could combine them and release the custom version, since I highly doubt I could do it myself.

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Ktreus - - 39 comments

non balance teams still bugged, i spawned 19 bots, when loaded other map, was 5 (my team) versus 15, i almost lost this match if not a airstrike of a bot

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PixelGamer555 - - 1 comments

Need help

every time I add bots to a match the next match they dissapear and I can't add more

If any of you can help then thank you and overall the mod is pretty amazing

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BF2all - - 1,151 comments

Waypointpack with 330+ maps:

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megvadulthangya - - 15 comments

Any idea how to get bots work in COD4MW WW2 MOD? Please someone help me out!

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Houdini17 - - 1 comments

Incredible mod! I've used it for years! I just started playing again over LAN and every time the round ends, the other LAN players get disconnected from the server and they have to go to the server list to re-join. I found that playing LAN without the mod does not disconnect other players after each round. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? I can't find any info from Google, Reddit, Youtube, etc on this issue. Thank you.

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cgcharvel - - 2 comments

Why are the bots' RPGs so accurate?

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