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Major update with a lot of new content. There is now a store where software can be purchased, a few new ships, new modules, new software, some improvement in UI and a lots of bug fixes and changes.

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Alpha 7 (v1.0.5128.39401) of PewPew has been released! The major new addition in this release is the software store where players can purchase new software for their ships onboard computers. There's also some small UI improvements in the other stores, new modules, and lots of other things.

Ships that are purchased will no longer come with any software installed on the onboard computer. Make sure you visit the software store to buy the most necessary bits before embarking on your journey. You'll want to get an Inertial Dampener and Navigational Aid, or you'll probably be sorry. Scanners are also very helpful. Please note that some software can only be installed if similar software is not installed already (for example, you can only have one Scanner software installed at a time). Also please not that you can not sell software, only remove it. So if you have a Short Range Scanner and want to upgrade to a Long Range Scanner, you won't get any money back from removing it.

When controlling your ship you can now activate/deactivate modules separately using the number keys. Most modules already had the capability to be activated/deactivated, but doing so required to know the specific keyboard shortcut for that module. With the new GUI you can see which module is mounted where and easily trigger it by pressing the corresponding key. This also helps with controlling multiple modules of the same type (for example Hull Repair Systems or weapons) if you want to have some of them turned on, rather than all to conserve power.

Another minor but significant change is the fact that your total mass now affects your ships turning ability. If you load your ship up with a lot of heavy modules and/or cargo, your turning acceleration will suffer as a result. Some ships have more powerful turning thrusters to counteract this, but none of them are completely immune. Make sure to plan your modules wisely.

There's a bunch of new ships as well and there should be around a dozen or so total now. Remember that some ships can only be found in certain star systems.

Please consult the download page for a full change log.

Alpha 7 for Windows

PewPew Alpha 7


PewPew Alpha 7PewPew Alpha 7PewPew Alpha 7

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