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With a new year comes a new release. Lots of new stuff in this release, like the ability to purchase new ships, missiles, and bullets.

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Alpha 6 (v1.0.5116.13815) of PewPew has been released! This release introduces the Shipyard and the Ammo Depot, as well as a bunch of new thing to purchase there. This is a pretty large update in terms of new content!

There are 6 more ships available to be purchased, bringing the total up to 8. There are six hull types in the game, each of which has it's own strengths and weaknesses. There's at least one ship from each of these (one hull type has 3 ships total). Adding new ships is pretty easy, so I'll try and add at least one or two new ships with every update. Not every ship is for sale in every star systems. Some star systems are more advanced than others and will offer better ships for sale. Eventually the ships that are for sale in a particular system will also be a random selection from the pool of all available ships, but that's currently not implemented.

There are two new kinds of missiles. One is a simple Dumbfire missile that will just fire straight ahead, similar to how missiles worked way back in the first versions. The second new type are Anti Radiation missiles. These home in on targets that have an active Scanner equipped. If their target is destroyed, they will automatically switch to a new target. The best thing about these missiles however, unlike the heat seeking missiles, is that they will never target in on the ship that fired them. Each type of missile also come in different sizes. Bigger missile means more damage, but also worse manoeuvrability and higher cost.

Most weapons now spread their projectiles out a bit. This will help with balancing weapons as high powered weapons can be made to have poor accuracy. Currently the Plasma Cannon has a low spread, while the Vulcan has a slightly higher spread. Missile launchers always launch straight.

The Star system information screen (press I at the map screen) now displays the imports and exports of the system. There's no functionality tied to this at the moment. Eventually this will tie in with supply and demand for the system, which will drive prices of goods up or down. Right now prices are static and don't change between systems (so trading to make money is not feasible yet).

As a last note, players can now only land on a planet if that planet has a population.

There's quite a bit more in changes and bug fixes. Please consult the download page for the full change log.

Alpha 6 for Windows
PewPew Alpha 6

kwijl - - 215 comments

I see Tyrian sprites xD

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frodeaa Author
frodeaa - - 7 comments

Yep :D Tyrian is a great game with a great sprite set.

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